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Assalammualaikum my form 3 students;

Hereby i embed a few slides and handouts on A Fighter's Lines. 
Take a look and don't hesitate to download them. :)

1. Module1: Introduction to Network

2. Module 2: Introduction to Internet

3. Module 3: Internet application

4. Module 4: Internet Communication

5. Module 5: Netiquette

6. Module 6: Cyber Law

 A speech on "How to  Save the Environment"

 An event that you think is the most meaningful

What students must do to prepare for examination

A report fort the school magazine about your school's annual sports day
 A Fighter's
One of the themes
The benefits of hiking
A recount about a trip to National Park
A Fighter’s Lines
A character that is determined to achieve success
Why the co-curricular activities important
A report on the activities held during the camp
The River
Write about love or courage (theme/ lesson)
The benefits of Kybun footwear
A talk on how to lead a long and healthy life
The River
An incident that motivates you
The benefits of playing
A letter to your friend giving him/her some study tips
A character whom you like
What the students did during The Environment Week
A letter to your friend describing your experience seeing how the pineapples were canned
A Fighter’s Lines
A character you admire
The importance of the dictionary to learners
A letter to your friend telling him or her about your experience
A Fighter’s Lines
A valuable lesson you have learnt
The effects of fast food to children’s health
A report on the activities carried out during a campaign of Environment Week
A Fighter’s :Lines
A character who can be your ideal model
Road Safety precautions
Write a letter to your cousin advising him how to divide his time wisely
The River
One good lesson
The causes and effects of obesity
Write a letter to your friend and tell him or her about the activities carried out in your new neighbourhood
A Fighter’s Lines
A moral Values
Ways to curb obesity among teenagers
Write a letter to your friend at boarding school, asking him/her on how to overcome stress
Heir Conditioning
A Lesson
Ways to overcome…
A speech on tips to keep one’s home secure at all times
A Fighter’s Lines
How a character overcomes a main problem
The ways to converse water


Informal Letter= 6
Speech/Talk = 3
Report = 3
Recount = 1

A Fighter’s Lines= 7
Leisure = 2
The River = 3
Heir Conditioning = 1

Character = 5
Theme = 2
Lesson/Moral Values = 5
Event/Incident = 2
Benefits/Advantages = 3
Ways = 3
The Importance = 1
The effects = 2
The causes = 1
What = 2
Why = 1
Precautions = 1

A webpage from wix.com based on How I Met Myself developed by yayaoamzah


Exercise 1: Letter to Lestrade

1. Imagine you are John Turner.
2. You have to confess the crime you have committed.
3. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Exercise 2: Holmes' examination

1. The story is about Holmes' examination of the clues.
2. In the space provided, write about his deduction for each of the clues below.
3. Use the words from the table to help you.

Hi there....

How's your preparation for this coming PMR Trial 2012?
You still have time to get ready for it.

Fortunately I have found some websites uploaded PMR Trial 2012 from other states. Maybe by revising these trial papers, you can somehow adapt to the real question or sometimes the similar (if you are lucky; exact) question might come out too.

Let's check them out!


Hello my dear students,

I would like to draw my form 1 students' attention. They might feel over the moon as they will be the first batch of Form 3 that will not be sitting the PMR in 2016.

This is because the national education system is set to undergo a major change in 2016 when the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) public examination for Form Three students is replaced with school-based assessment (PBS)

Ok, so what is this PBS ?

Hahaha... Since last year, some teachers have been attending a particular course on this matter according to the subjects. Frankly speaking, i just could imagine how the teachers are going to implement this PBS. Anyway, we (the teachers) have to carry out it this year. 



The English syllabus aims to extend learners' English language proficiency in order to meet their needs for English in everyday life for knowledge acquisition, and for future workplace needs.

By the end of Form 1, learners should be able to:
  1. make friends and talk about themselves, recount experiences and also enquire about the person(s) they are talking to;
  2. make enquiries about services and products and place an order for the product of service;
  3. socialize with friends and in groups and make plans and arrangements for joint activities;
  4. obtain information from various text-types such as instructions and notices and obtain factual information on a topic from short texts and present the information briefly to others orally and in writing;
  5. read and enjoy poems and short stories
  6. have a positive outlook and act appropriately in social situations; and
  7. show an awareness and appreciation of moral values and love towards the nation.


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